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About Séparée

Séparée is a high quality lifestyle magazine dealing with female sexuality and lust. The quartely magazine offers sensual photography of both men and women, as well as couples, portraits and interviews, erotic short stories and inspiring articles, both scientific and entertaining. The way it caters for female want and desire, for women's sexual pleasure and well-being makes it a unique publication world wide.

Séparée was first launched as a German-language print magazine in June 2014. Now it is also available digitally. In March 2017 the first English-language digital edition was launched.

Séparée was founded by Janina Gatzky and Ute Gliwa, two long time friends. In August 2013 they had a few drinks in Berlin and were puzzled why there were still lots of publications serving male sexual desire but none for women. They embarked on a thourogh research which confirmed their notion and decided it was about time to change this. Brainstorming all night resulted in a solid plan on publishing their own magazine dedicated to female sexuality and desire. Not quite half a year later their publishing company was founded and a few months later Séparée No.1 appeared on the German print market which was received enthusiastically by readers and media alike.